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Let down
by Patricia Etienne

The double doors open.
Enter a lady in a black veil
Complete silence break loose
Just like a midnight hour cemetery
Everybody walks out the room
Let her to deal with the burden
Stand alone with the four walls
Crash down on the grand chaise
No one to listen to her agony
No one to hold her hands
Come the psychological ramification
The diagnosis is crushing her soul
Demoralizing her good being
Fear of the unknown
Black dust penetrates her eyes
Blow by the gusty wind winter
Through the crack window
Evil wind please go away
As this cancer is  already invaded her body
No body cares to help through her count down days
Enough already!
Burst out an awkward laugh
Follow with a concerning question
How can you?
Water slide down her eyes
Like a violent stream.
Friends on summer, foes on winter
Phony can be, but not friends indeed
All the equation of a let down

© 2011 by _Patricia Etienne
All rights reserved

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