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Will your life end in minutes or seconds?
That knowledge is only with Allah
The keeper of accounts... the one Who Reckons.
The angels are recording and Al Haseeb keeps score,
As we all hasten towards death's door.
What is your number?
How many days are left?
Is your life measured in minutes,
Hours, days, months or years?
The Angel of death is always near.
Only Allah knows for sure
How many days are held in store.
Talk less ... remember Allah more,
The angels are recording
And Al Haseeb keeps score,
How many days are we assigned?
The specter of death must be
Foremost in the believers mind.
In what land will you depart this life...
Making a widow or widower of husband or wife?
With certainty of faith, have we clearly grasped
"The Certain Truth"
Within our minds...
We were all born dying and will one day
Be compelled to leave family and property...
How many ranks will stand behind
In the Janazah Prayer Line?
Seek forgiveness and piety,
Shun arrogant behavior
And talk filled with vanity.
Remember Allah and think of death more,
The death angel is at the door,
The angels are recording and Al Haseeb keeps score,

Habib Abu Lateef

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