Climb the highest mountain, punch the face of god

Cock Sure

I never stared down the barrel of a gun,
But I'll try anything once.
Though pills made me wretch, I swallowed them
Like they were pretty candies.
And the dull razor blade was a favorite of mine,
Till it rusted and turned to dust in time.
I am a shadow, walking between worlds
In the gray spliced by dark and light.
I miss the brightness that once hid behind my eyes,
Where darkness and disaster now sleep.
I carry bags upon my shoulder, heavy with
Remorse and guilt for my choices and
I carry them with me wherever I go.
It's all so black and white now.
I miss the redness of my life leaking from me,
Because I've found deeper things to destroy myself with.
I was a caterpillar once.
I became a moth, dull and lackluster.
I only wanted to be a butterfly, but it's all ruined.
The pills made cock sure of that.


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Cock Sure

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