Climb the highest mountain, punch the face of god


I was invisible,
Beautifully unknown.
Untouched by demons hands,
Ignored by angels touch.
Invisible, nothing more
Than a faint smile, a
Dying memory.
Blissfully see-through,
The grandeur of walking in a room
Without heads turning
Was heaven.
I was a nonentity,
Barely a blueprint,
Barely a thought or a twinkle
In anyone's eye.
I was nothing.
My beautiful words of rage and suicide,
Slaughtered for all the world to see.
Bright red trickles a blood dance,
Falling down and painting the
Shame across my face.
I was invisible,
An artist of her own volition.
My beautiful anger, my lovely disgust,
Spread like a disease,
Infecting many and turning me coward.
My opinions and thoughts,
Obliterated by heinous intentions
Until they lost their point.
I was invisible, a non being.
I miss the nothingness I surrounded myself in,
The ignorance, the un-education,
I miss the feeling of being unheard of.
My celebrity,
Choked like a bitter urchin,
A prince turned pauper
And sold to the highest bidder.
I used to be invisible,
A faint impression upon reality.
But now, I'm insane.


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