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Now, not later
Say it in full sentence
Say it with passion
Say it with rhyme
Say it like you mean it
Acknowledge me now at this instant
Not the hero after my departure
Not the motivator when I'm six feet under
Not the idol after I crossed over

It's alright to embrace Shakespeare as your hero
To see Jose Marti  as your motivator
To call Alexander Scott your idol
I was not hatched in their Era

It's at this moment
Help me sense the essence of my work
Sugarcoated the bitter of my memoir
Be my million camaraderies in the social fever
Shower me with vanity while I'm standing
Sorry If I sound too self indulgent
Now is the present of today's date
Tomorrow accommodation is not absolute

Now say is rather but said
love feels better than loved
It's symphony to my ears
To ear you say
You love my work
let me be the one
To simply said and loved
After my passed away

   2011 by _Patricia Etienne
 All rights reserved

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