The soul has much to say



The things, I say?
The things, I do?
Sensual, interrogation
Hazel diamonds...beautiful, eyes

Inquiry, of what makes
Cheat sheet, of my past
Zero interest, in resurrecting the dead
We're alike, in that way

Her agenda, sweet, as honey

Human, jigsaw puzzle
Problem solver, extraordinaire
Synchronicity, of differences
We're perfect, extremes

Which end, am I?

Accusations, of being happy
"No woman, no cry", my playful reply
Tender pouting, demands reassurance
The anthology of my heart, given

My love, has little mystery


the dream, I feared...never dreaming
the kiss, found in the rain
the side B song, that echoes the soul
a rainbow, on a cloudless day

a drop of white chocolate, on a strawberry
the portrait, of a new memory
the feeling of love, the first time...reborn
redemption, clothed in flesh of mocha

the union of what I want...need
Gods' favor, with an iconic smile
the snow flake, that falls in May
a promise...never to be, broken

Our silence, loud and clear
Her hands, enfold mine
A soft kiss, before heading home
Spring has, indeed, arrived

Praise Him, my season of over

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