once upon a time


Memories hidden amid a collection of photos
Not letting anyone know the truth of our love.
The montage tells of a love lost through
Indifference to your emotions,you were my gypsy woman.

What happened to nights when I held you?
And those early morning hellos.
Never told you I loved you
i gaze in deep regret at
loving eyes staring out from
A montage of photos.

I would like to say new words to you, my
Thoughts stray to you. I never think of those gray
And bad days. I ever only think, that I never minded
The rain when I was with you, but like all the good in life
You are gone from my life. Even though I believe in love
It was easier to stray, not accept responsibly.
Now I know I need you,But the page of life is written
and i gaze at your loving eyes
lost in the montage of photographs.
wee Liz you are my forever woman.

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