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 Job Search

This last week, I applied to two agencies with interviews
Work background discussed and my resume reviewed
Completing their paperwork, signing on the dotted line
I was a little nervous, but both seemed to turn out fine

The first one I applied is a placement staffing agency
Focused in areas of my experience and work history
Overall, their questions were more thought provoking
Asking my strengths, weaknesses, and problem solving

The position had been filled to which I applied for online
But God used my skills for them to call on my phone line
While I was there, I heard about another possible opening
Someone has interviewed already with the decision pending

The position would be a perfect match to my skills ability
I am to follow up Monday afternoon about its availability
Also the location and starting wage would be comparable
To my last position, if God opens up the door for me there

The second one I applied is a general employment agency
Geared toward administrative areas rather than a specialty
She was more laid back, starting with my personal hobbies
Neat opportunity to share God's gift in my poetry abilities

I signed up with them, willing to work on temp positions
But a permanent job matching my skills is my ambition
Right away, she wanted to put me down for temp to hire
Asking clerical skills I did not list, that are not my desire

I realize with any offer I can either accept or turn it down
If I get on a long term job and an interview comes around
She explained two reasons for giving 48 hours notification
The job was not a fit or an offer for a higher paying position

I have some concerns I need to check out in more detail
Before getting on a long term job and all it would entail
How to be tactful and discreet when offered an interview
Seeking advice of the first agency for their point of view

Seventeen years ago when I worked on temp assignments
I gained experience that led into getting hired permanent
My parents were alive and finances were not even an issue
Times today are different but I know God will provide too

Right now, jobs with second agency are pending anyway
Until they review results of online skills testing Monday
Eight different tests were sent for me to do through email
The computer software would not work while I was there

Carol S. 3/19/11

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