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~*`Hearts On Fire`*~

Your love hails
far over the sea
Oh why can't
it be with me
As I stand here
alone on the shore
Wondering if ever
we'll be together
as before
like we used to
when we walked
hand in hand
on the shore's
warm sand

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Come join me
and you will see
how wonderful
a day at the beach
can be
strolling together
under starry skies above
hearts beating
as one
in anticipated love
as your arms pull me
in close to you
I promise to be
your lover forever true

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I give my love
to my one and only man
when asking me
for my hand
with kisses sweet
I give in
to passion's fire
as you set my soul
with burning desire
under a blanket
of twinkling stars
consuming love
that is rightfully ours.

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`Hearts On Fire`

~*~Hearts on fire Pictures, Images and Photos~*~

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`Never Ending Circle Of Love`

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