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Some W.O.R.D.S I played with

FACTS = F. Frequently A. Associated C. Calculations T. Theorizing S. Standards

DOUBT = D. Detrimental O. Obstructions U. Usually B. Blinding T. Transgression

TRUTH = T. Theoretical R. Rationalizations U. Understood T. Throughout H .Humanity

FAITH = F. Frequent A .Assimilation's I. Implying T. Theoretic H. Hopefulness

HOPE = H. Humanities O. Obsessive P. Purposeful E. Enrichment's

BELIEF = B. Basis E. Enlightening L. Life I. Intrinsically E. Enriching F. Futures

LOGIC = L. Living O. Obvious G. Generalizations I. Implying C. Constants

PROOFS = P. Pertinent R. Realizations O. Often O. Offering F. Findings S. Selectively

DEATH = D. Dreaded E. Extinction A. Associated T. Throughout H. Humanity

HEAVEN = H. Hopeful E. Environment A. Achieved V. Vastly E. Experiencing N. Nirvana

HELL = H. Hot E. Environment L. Lacking L. love

EARTH = E. Evolutionary A. Arena R. Robustly T. Treating H. Humanity

SUN = S.Star U. Upheaving N. Nurture

LIFE= L. Learning I. Interactive F. Failure/Fulfilling E. Experiences

Stanley Victor Paskavich

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