once upon a time

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We're here to take your home.
Foreclosure we call it. Makes us
Forget you'll be homeless. Not
Quite the dream you had when we
Said here you are, you can afford it.

Pack up the dreams, sell the lawnmower.
Where do we go from here, live in the car.
Why not, we are only the foreclourser men,
We don't care, only doing our job-lady.

Is this the America of the Thirties.
Nope,only problem is it's 2011.
Back to shanty town living.
Pick the paper out of the trash.

Read 43% on welfare.
Where do we go from here:- Government relief.
We are not losers who choose not to work.
We are "the people" politicians
Begged for our vote.

Now the dream has died, we can only bury it,
And move on to Gods knows where. Listen do
You hear the now being spoken.
Is it the new deal.

Fat chance, no stimulus here
Bankers won't lend to the people.
The now is the same old rhetoric.
We haven't a chance against the fat cats of avarice.


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