The soul has much to say

Her tears...


We met on a day, like this
Drops of Heaven
The dew of Eden
Blessed showers...our anniversary

You discovered, my magic
The reading of your mind
Infinite secret
I'm the author, of your dreams

Here we are, again
Emancipation, refreshed
I'm willing, to take a chance
You're beyond, worthy

Sharing prose, with you
I'm not a poet, but I try
You've touched my soul
Please, read it

Your tears are beautiful
Seeing, Gods' fingerprint, in each
Amazing, the way you clutch your heart
You understand, my every word

The best of both worlds
Breathing you, when sleeping
Consuming you, while awake
Savoring you, like my last meal

Your kiss
My pen, pleases you
Your touch
My heart, belongs to you

Time to curl up
Surrender, to the rhythm
Falling rain, beating hearts...pleasured hands
Sensual, orchestra

We sing, softly
I pick the artist
You pick the song
Never seem to finish

...your lips, so inviting

Clinging, to me
Your angelic mind, speaks, tenderly
"You, your poems...are one"
My smile, breaks the silence

A sincere heart, finally, unearthed

I'll never, have to write...again

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Her tears...

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