The soul has much to say

Untitled song...


Even smile, upon my face
Gazing at my beautiful, Samaritan
Today is beyond, love
It's about, transcendence

I stopped, complaining
God began, listening
Some think, life, is a nightmare
Point the finger, in the mirror

Reality, is in your hands
Our choices, shape, each day
Trust me, I'm not preaching
...just telling it, like it is

The soul of my moment?
Cold, rain
Her warm, frame
My Lord, is ever present

I can't undo, who I am
No one's worthy, enough
Blessed, exchange
A heavenly, give and take

I gave Him, my pride
He gave me, humility
I gave Him, my focus
He gave me, purpose

I gave Him, my hopes
He gave me, instruction
I gave Him, my heart
He gave it, back to me

...a crown of auburn, big brown eyes

My song, isn't finished
I'm just missing, a title
I have the lyrics
and the songbird, by my side's the gospel, truth

He's all, I'll ever need
If He's not first
a return to the deep end...of the cesspool
He deserves, the preeminence

I'm blessed, to call Him...mine

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Untitled song...

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