once upon a time

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I’m sitting drinking sherry.
Thinking I’ll get merry.
Pour me another let me stay mellow.
Show me the door when if i have to many.
I loved it when you said hello.

In mean time pour me a sherry.
Am I merry already? The room started
Spinning around, okay, I’ll go, take the night
And the sherry, walk down by the shore.
Never been there before, not surprised.

Always been too unsteady can’t blame the sherry
Forgive me, guess the drink has taken hold.
Pour me that sherry I’ll take my mood home,
See the shore another time, it's always there.
In many beguiling forms, back light by moonlight
let me carry that moon home in indigo bottles.

Pour me a sherry, let me stay..
It's only for tonight, I’m free when
I stay in dark bottled light. Don’t shout.
Please hold me tight, this is all I have.
just for tonight let me be merry.

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