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Philadelphia Pennsylvania is often referred to as the
"Birthplace of the Nation,"
because the Declaration of Independence
And the US Constitution were both written here.
Philadelphia is also known as the "City of Brotherly Love"
Although, some refer to it as the "City of Brotherly Shove,"
When I was young, Philadelphia was the youth gang war
Capital of the world.
Cats would fight all day long and into the night,
And would go to war against each other even against their own brother,
Over a street corner, a pair of shoes or the attention of a girl,
We wore big rings on the fingers of both fists that had a brass
Knuckle effect and if someone went down, what the heck,
Like street corner kings, we did our own thing,
We would improvise weapons from whatever we found at our disposal
And some people lost their lives; we would use car antennas, banister post,
Bricks, bottles, sticks, zip guns and switch-blade knives,
Like I said before, some of us lost our lives,
In elementary school we would be harassed by police
By age eleven or twelve you had already dwelled inside of a cell in the
Local jail where you could hear the screams and wail of a thirteen year old
Shouting, "F the ameriKKKan dream,"
It was a long time to come before I got my first real gun,
I had reached the ripe old age of seventeen,
Things got hot but I never got shot as did some of my lot,
And you never forget your past


Abu Lateef


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Brotherly Shove