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 Not a Priest
The Islamic hudud for adultery,
 The Death Penalty
The life you speak of living is morally corrupt
If you act upon the whispers of the Shaytan...
On The Judgment Day you'll end up bankrupt
If in your marriage, you are having problems with
Husband or wife make an appointment to speak with
Your Imam tonight
That step alone could bring about a big change in your life
Instead of looking for solutions to marital
Problems on a Poetry site
Be a participant in your local Masjid
It might clear up the spiritual confusion
In your heart and Nifaq within your head
Your Islamic studies must never have a Conclusion,
If you think,
You know enough about this Deen
You are suffering from a delusion
On your part more hadieth and Qur'an must be read
If you find that to be a bothersome burden,
A belaboring chore, then for sure, you need to attend class more  
Be an active member in your local Islamic community
It may indeed restore your Islamic sensibilities
IMITATION and involvement with the people of unbelief
Will bring no marital contentment just domestic grief
Islam is not Christianity ...
And I am not a priest...
Imitation of the ways of those who disbelieve must cease
Use Qur'an and Sunnah and be your own Moral Police
In Islam, Cheating in marriage is a misnomer...
A Christian concept that trivializes marriage as a game
It is a concept of justification
Created by the morally mentally and matrimonially insane
And minimizes Adultery's true name
So, if you are wise you will take this advice from me
Stay far away from matrimonial infidelity
The Islamic hudud for adultery, unequivocally is
The Death Penalty
My advice, if you feel no guilt, do what you
Feel is real and best ...
Come The Judgment Day.

Abu Lateef

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