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When I'm 65 ....

They still talk of it in Neasden
And all places North and South
Mainly on the internet or by
Whispered word of mouth
How they found him bleeding
With injuries to his face
First hit and run victim of
Illegal mobility scooter race
As they occupied the pavements
Converging on the town
Screaming out their warnings
Before mowing people down
There was crisis in the kingdom
As the mass movement grew
For by magic of the internet
All the silver surfers knew
Their progress was urgent
For while they were at large
Demands had to be met before
Scooters ran out of charge
The authorities vacillated
Reeling under the assault
Until in a deathly silence
The convoys came to silent halt
Not meant to be continuously driven
For much more than an hour
The liberating chariots suddenly
Ran completely out of power
The powers that be now rejected
Their very reasonable demands
Of free scooter parking with
All free recharging stands
Ringleaders were sectioned
And their scooters confiscated
And all too very soon
The rebellion had abated
An uneasy peace
Lay across the land
As the authorities disbursed
That bold rebellious band
But sometimes in the night
Their story still gets told
Of the day they fought for rights
For the disabled and the old
And the authorities made concessions
Never quite knowing when
The spirit of freedom being rekindled
Pensioners would revolt and rise again

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When I`m 65 ....