once upon a time

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Honesty. Simple in terms of saying
Of course I'm honest.
Though when we delve into its complexities
Uncertainties concerning motives invade our thinking.
In all truth, how honest are we or need we be?

Society demands we tell the truth, to be honest.
Though what happens when honesty entails brutality?
Truth and honesty oft times need to be tempered with reality.
In all our dealings dignity can be destroyed by so called honesty.
Knowingly hurting when the little white lie would suffice.
I tell the truth. Oh, you are so honest.
Then you can strut about feeling esteemed for your honesty.

Uncaringly sharing honestly can cause hurt, pain, and despair.
The humanness of people's feelings need to be considered.
Honesty can be malicious. If it is then do we want it?
That's when the honest answer is better than the wee white lie.
No hurt is caused. Living can go on in peace, and contentment.
Consider your motives in honesty. Are they noble or just gossip?

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