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She vs. Her?

You ever try to find someone you once lost
Every man needs a woman
And she is who I should have been...

Her heart aches
Mine's on the brink of death
How do I give her my all
When there's close to nothing left

Doesn't it hurt your heart
To see someone so beautiful mad
So why is it that
Her is nowhere close to the best I've had

I close my eyes
Seeing True Beauty well received
Turn over and open my eyes
How did I become so deceived

I try to hold on to my beliefs
So I close my eyes again
And retreat to my dreams
Back to a made in heaven type scene

In the arms of and tasting
Mz. Sexay's lips
Can't believe how many times
Out, her name almost slips

How I'd die if my thoughts were known
But pay close attention
While in this world it's She vs. Her
In reality, it's Me vs. Him

To Be Continued...

☼MOI☼  26 Mar 11

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She vs. Her?