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Life rolls gently along at times;
But it also can be a raging torrent.
Day after day, breath after breath;
Stability can only be found in faith.

It becomes my balance in turbulence;
The buffer for my joy at hard times.
Embracing life, with all it's variety;
Yet standing firm on bedrock in faith.

My mind is lured over to the left;
Recoiling, it rebounds to the right.
Yet my heart rests on middle ground;
Gentle is the peace founded in faith.

Words cannot describe this anchor;
Reaching deep and holding me steady.
I simply know the stillness within;
When the world spins, I have my faith.

Deeper than just a code of ethics;
More real than any dogma or creed.
Even more powerful than life itself;
Alive in steadfastness, anchored in faith.

Today, I will live this gift with gusto;
For life is just that, too precious to waste.
Reach for the stars, exploring boundaries;
Adventure is waiting, anchored in faith.


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