once upon a time

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Not a street number though that's what it implies.
Nope simply the number of places I have lived.
 That may seem quite a lot, and to most it is.
Positive outlook needed here 118 or simply ONE.
Both tell of a life lived, perhaps one steadier than 118.

Moving on becomes an addiction.
 Pay the rent, can't, out you go find somewhere.
  The carousel of moving on has begun.
Shall I catch a bus with my world safe in a plastic bag?
Maybe a train, could sleep in it. Think:-were can I go.

Gotta have a place;- get one, try to stay, numbers are mounting.
One becomes 10 then 39, think I'll stop here. What happens?
We have to move on. Suddenly 87 arrived at good as another.
Keep roaming, 100 arrived at, and I'm still on that carousel.
Ach well this life, good, stayed at ONE, bored.118 is here.
This has to be the road most traveled:-That hasn't lead anywhere.

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