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This is Personal

This is not about mom, this is not about dad
Whether they're happy or whether they're sad
This is not about husband, this is not about wife
Whether they agree on how you choose to live your life
This is not about the in-laws, or how friends feel
Whether its about if your commitment to is real
I came not to bring peace, but rather a sword
Friends will become foes because of My word
Unless you pick up your cross you cannot follow Me
I never at anytime said it would always be easy
Examine the path close before you choose it
He who would find his life must first lose it
And he who loves father or mother more than me
Or waits for his son or his daughter to see
If he puts his hand to the plow and looks back one time
Then he will not be  found worthy to be one of mine
This thing is personal, this is one on one
So said the Father when He sent His only Son
Who for a personal relationship left the ninety-nine
And sacrificed His life for the one He couldn't find
He removed the robe of Glory, for corruptible flesh
Came down to an earth that was in a total mess
Endured hunger and temptation, the rejection of a nation
Took on the worlds sin and death without hesitation
Rose from the grave with all power in His hand
And still He is rejected by man
So now any who follow Him must know
This is not a religion, this is personal
J. Moore
Matt. 10: 34-39

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This is Personal