once upon a time

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If we can't leave a note
In the silence
Of peoples minds
It seems to me a life unfulfilled.

In the never ending blare of
This media world
don't you think it's time,
Good and true men/women
rent aside the hype.

Wrote our way into
The silence of politicians minds.
Asked them to speak out
against injustice everywhere.

Not difficult to  hear
the inanities and platitudes
Each time a politician speaks.

He talks about walking
Side by side though when we do,
All we hear is silent speeches

Don't you think it's time we spoke out
Asked our politicians?
To walk the line,and
End the silence in their minds.

Where are we in this wretched world
Stained by deceit.
Ask for justice in your corner
of this vast world, you will Hear
That evil sound of silence.

We are the workers
Asking the silent blare of
media hype to end.
I believe in justice, love and peace.

Justice exists in the silence
Of good peoples minds everywhere.
Write,good people can destroy the silence.

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