The soul has much to say

Sometimes, it April


Tender, summit
Conversation, about reality
Her emotions, on trial
I'm neither judge, jury, nor executioner

She throws herself, on the mercy of my heart

An earful of lost innocence
Priceless honor, compromised
No, will never mean...yes
Intentional, misunderstanding

That evening, the devil...had his way

A waterfall of tears
Her story, told, once too often
We've yet, to become one
It's on her mind

The thought...has visited me, too

Looking at her
I become, undone
The beauty of a woman
Fearful trembling of a child

Why trample, upon a rose?

Words, of assurance?
What could, I say?
Promises, to never fail her?
I'm only, flesh and blood

Asking God, for His guidance

Taking her, by the hand
Indulging, in silence
The strength of her cry
matching the strength of her grip

I'm not going, anywhere

Her whispers of wonder
My purpose, in question
I flow, within her veins
She wants me, in her soul

Say what needs, to be said

Seeking shelter, in her sweet sanctum
Desiring to share, everyday things
Singing her a song, for no reason
Spending my days, taking my breaths

...with her

She consumes, my words
I'm blessed, with a kiss
Patience, is preached
A sermon we both, hunger for


Day by day
Step by step
Her stride, matching mine
When she grows weary

...I carry her, in my arms

We're in this, together

She's a miracle, to me

Sometimes, it April

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Sometimes, it April

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