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There is a man who walks around talking to himself
Always to himself, never anyone else
Full on conversations not just a word or two
Not in the way that most people do
He has got to be crazy, no doubt about that
Totally off his rocker as a matter of fact
Just a year ago he was a normal kind of guy
He had a spring in his step, a twinkle in his eye
Young and energetic, healthy and confident
A military man off on his first deployment
He left home for a two year tour in Iraq
But the boy who left home wasn’t boy who came back
All the things he saw, all the things he had to do
All the battles he had to fight his way through
When his tour was over, one battle didn’t end
It replays in his head again and again
He can’t erase that thing he did
Shooting down a 5-year old kid
Everybody said, "you did what you had to do
The kid had a bomb and was running at you"
But as true as that may have been
The thought just kills him deep within
And all the therapy in the world
Can't erase the face on that little girl
So his behavior to you seems odd
But did you know he is talking to God
Begging forgiveness again and again
For what he deems the ultimate sin
That is all he knows to do
If that was your story, who would you talk to
J, Moore

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Life Story #6