The soul has much to say

Yeah...I remember

I remember, that first kiss
The silence, all around us
Nature, stood still
Watching, with bated breath

The chamber of my heart
Unlocked, by soft lips
Ambrosia, the flavor of the day
Your perfect, face

...God, truly, outdid Himself

Front row view
A sunrise, cloaked by humanity
Tasting the hope of love
from the mouth of an angel

Our folds, sweetly connected
Becoming more, than a man
with each passing moment
Feeling more, like a prodigal son

...finally coming home

Caressing your hair
The wind should be so soft, so giving
My fingertips, journey, across your shoulders
The landscape of my dreams

My mind surprises, me
Imagination, overwhelmed
Our moment, can't be replayed
Reality...seduces fantasy

I haven't been the same, since

...and I'm glad for it

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Yeah...I remember

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