Patricia Etienne

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The Cripple and The Granted

All knit in the context of her own way.
The continuous unsatisfactory results
Whining nagging about all
Nothing goes right by her.

When she’s given gold, she rather have diamond
The stone is neither too big nor shine enough
Asking why the sun isn't shine enough.
Living in the illusion of her own fantasy

She is born with a silver spoon in her mouth.
Yet, unable to taste a swell
 whipped cream
So miserable and self-center

She’s unable to spot life in one happy moment.

At the entrance of the social club
 comes in a young woman in a wheelchair.
Breathtakingly beautiful with a cafe mocha complexion
All Men in the alley are awestruck by her beauty

However, Multiple Sclerosis has crippled her down.
Nevertheless, her spirit, mind, and soul stay whole
laughing, joking, with no measure.
Certainly, a thrill of life appreciation

This unappreciative being
Sitting on the other end witness it all.
Start to confront her own inner self
Now seeking within her soul.

Questioning her inability to see the light
Then, she comes to realize her ungraciousness causes pain.
She found the conceivable answer.
And she's no longer taking life for granted.

© 2008 by _Patricia Etienne
All rights reserved.

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