once upon a time

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We are all created equal or so the story goes.
How come some think they are more equal than others?
Is it because of the gun?
Perhaps concede they have a point.
Have to consider if it's for good or evil.

Then let's consider that point.
Look at it from different angles.
See how it plays out.
Okay let's surmise the gun doesn't exist.
Different story then.

Not so big and strong without a weapon.
Who gave them the gun? Where did it come from?
Some say Sam Colt. I say our minds,inherited it
From that God bloke. Along with choice.

Maybe need to look further.
That God fella gets blamed on an awful lot.
Now we got a brain. "God given" we need to eat.
But, that wee but, causes lots of dissent.
We don't need the gun to feed,to survive.
We're supposed to be civilized.

Can't argue it's for good.
Killing, maiming innocents.
Now that just ain't good.
Government man got the gun.
Terrorist man, he got the gun.
Ordinary bloke don't want no gun.
But,and again we have the wee but.
Insecure man. He needs the gun.

Now that God guy who stands for love.
He gets blamed on all the wrongs in this blighted world.
We always need a fall guy,
Makes it easier to carry out unlawful acts.

Now that we have looked at it from upside down and inside out.
There is no reason to have a gun.
Lets survive without it.

All those body bags brought home from inferior man's killing ground,
They're only fodder for his ego.
Reckon it's time we got rid of the gun.
Government man and terrorist man,
They are in love with that gun.
Insecure and puerile.
Thats the kind of man walks tall and strong
As long as he carries a gun.

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