Maria Guzvic

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Inspiration, intertwined with hope,
While day to day the young man sets sail
On his ship of ambition
Where rough waters crash heavily
Upon the deck of reason.
His dreams, tinged in sadness,
As disappointment hugs tight
To his lean frame, food
Being an appetite forgotten
As he forges to find fame
In musical climates.

His borrowed violin lies by his side,
Ever close as a trusted friend,
Eager to resonate to his pulse.  A sweet
Refreshing quaff,
Imbibed to hearty drunkenness
Where minds fog,
But chords blister the ear in happiness.

Roughened floorboards have been his dais.
Splintered thoughts shaved in optimism
And yearning for a worldly arena
To nurture and caress
All that had been lost in his youth.
His vessel shapes his inspiration and
He seeks the torrid waves for recognition.
A signature that life recovers beyond.

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