once upon a time


Pour the foundations, build the blocks.
Simplicity itself. No great knowledge needed.
Then we have a house which becomes the home of man.
The homes become a city and that's when simplicity ends.

We have unknowingly built in egocentricity.
Foundations we poured were strong and true.
The blocks set upon them totter now.
Falling apart because city egos won't allow judgement of themselves.
Don't think or look different. Adhere to the plan of sameness.

Do you think as we do, do as we do?
We are the government elected by you to rule.
We make laws, decisions so that you can live in comfort.
This city won't allow free-thinkers.
This city which was built on strength of hope and charity.
Free-thinking only upsets our apple cart. Can't allow that.

What was that you said? You want a home?
We destroyed your livelihoods by our ineptness in shoddy planning?
Impossible. You elected us. We are you.
Only problem is this city is slipping into the apathy of Orwellian minds.
You, the people, the workers must do as you are told.

We built this city on rock and roll! ha ha!


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