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Love Is Leaving


I'm returning to my old life,
The way I used to be,
No constraints upon my person,
I've set the future free,

No more to dream of love's sweet night,
Times' moved on;  and people change,
I have nothing much to trouble me,
Love and sadness rearranged,

I've come to know the simple life,
Of work, of rest and play,
There is comfort in contentment,
Elusive passion fades away,

I find peace within my garden,
Picking blooms to tell a tale,
And a long lost erstwhile lover,
Drops a letter in the mail,

I'm returning to my old life,
So much wiser than before,
Far too late now; love is leaving,
So I turn and close the door.

Linda Stuart Harnett,  © 2011


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Love Is Leaving