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(I just found these guys on Photobucket and thought they would fit into my poem (:-)

I spent an hour on the computer today
Because after more than two years I decided to play
             Party Poker.

How much did this experience cost me?
The computer game is free.

Atlantic City used to be
So much fun for Milt and me
That's where he taught me
To keep'em or fold'em
My Milt was a genius
At Texas Hold'em!

"Watch this guy, honey," Milt would say,
Looks like he's winning a lot of money
He thinks he's a winner because he chooses
        To bluff
But a player like him
Inevitably loses."

The guy did put up a pretty good fight
But it turned out in the end
That my sweetheart was right!

So I played my hands judiciously
As Milt had always taught me to do
And sure enough I didn't lose
In fact I won a buck or two.

Today the computer cards were dealt
And I could almost swear I heard
My dear Milt counseling me
Yes, I heard his every word!

"Fold'em," he cautioned,
"Your kicker is weak
Don't think you're having
A lucky streak!"

But then I decided
Milt's not here
I'll bluff and I'll be lucky
Annette, never fear!

So I did as I pleased
Because Milt wasn't there
And all of my play money
Disappeared in thin air!

Oh Milt, what I wouldn't give
For just one more day
To sit with you at a card table
And begin to play
The game that you taught me to play so well
Before our lives became a living Hell.

Yes, my dear, I promise I will fold'em
Because you were my Ace and King
Of Texas Hold'em!

                           Annette Wexler
                           April 13, 2011


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