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The village has changed physically
quite a lot since my day.
I suppose that's the sort of thing
you'd expect me to say.
I'm not sure if the ‘phone box exists
but the old shops have closed down
and there are very few busses
for travelling into the town;

so if you don't drive
or don't own a car
you're reliant on friends'
 kindness to get very far.
Some of the fields
that went under the plough
are planted with houses
and gardens and garages now.

Most of the farm houses
look almost the same
but the only connection with
farming now is there in the name,
and it's so much quieter
any working day
for the old school has gone
and the people work away.

But I still feel the welcome
as I wander around,
still feel the thrill
from the familiar ground.
And the pub though much changed
is still solidly there full of cheer
to meet up with old friends
and chat of old times over a beer.

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