The soul has much to say

Uncommonly, beautiful...


Reality of my heart
Home to an image, beyond belief
So rare, so pure
Bordering on the unusual, the strange

So precious, it defies...description

Visionary hunger
My starving eyes
Fill my need
Feed my soul

Dramatic pause
Forgive me
I'll never be the same
My imagination, at a loss

Holy union, my dreams...immortality
Rational thought
Finite mind
Raindrops, in the ocean of charity

Clutching my heart, an undying ache

Eyes closed
Cradle of liquid, surrender
My desires, define me
Bittersweet revelation

No one sees my muse...the way I do

Overspill of frustration
Awaiting the birth of words, that honor you
Whispers of today
Saying, what few...will ever understand

You are…uncommonly, beautiful

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Uncommonly, beautiful...

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