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 Not Know How to Preach
“Not Know How to Preach”
Written by Loi in 2009
And revised in 2011

I know it is embarrassing to not to preach
But I don't know how to preach

‘Because I don't read the Bible everyday
And that make Jehovah sad
I don't follow His way
And that make Jehovah mad

Not know how to preach
Now know how to preach

‘Because I'm not a Christian
And I don't read the Bible that much
I don't feel touch
By Jehovah
That is why
Make me cry
Every day I cry

‘Cause I don't associate with people that much
I always interest in myself
I hurt myself
I hurt myself by hurting the people's feeling
‘Cause I said to them that I don't want to associate with
I always don't feel like to stay closer to them

Not know how to preach
Not know how to preach

But, if I have a problem,
I should pray Jehovah thru His Son Jesus
And let me read the Bible every day
This helps me to have that experience
And know how to preach
I will be happy to have people close to me
And love me
Then I'm happy to preach with them

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