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 211. Freedom To Choose
(inspired by Freedom of Speech at the Gypsyhouse café 4-19-2011)

To this congregation
Of poets & rabble rousers
A Picture is worth a thousand words
And we have a thousand words
To paint the world
As we wish it
We have a new chance,
It's Spring.

Sit down
In a quiet place
& get in touch with myself.
For the winter
Of humanity
Has tattered
My spirit
I have a
Desire in my heart
To recover
& seek the
Center in spirit
Where I discover
What all seekers
Find at some point
In their journey
Back to themselves,
That I am
Protected by the divine presence
That resides in me
Is me.

I like toys
Like big wheels for adults
And when my toys
Like my heart
I learn what I hate
To know
Is true
That the Right things
Have to fall apart
For the right things
To fall together,
For our journey
Is a love story
Life longing
For itself.

The Sky falls
With acid rain
Breaking down
The walls
Around numb hearts
Giving us
Soluble nutrients
Like tulips
Wanting to reach
For the
Gorgeous day out
There and express
Yellow, like
Daffodils and yellow ochre
Crayons yet
To be expressed
Because it is what I got.

Happiness is a choice
You make
Not you need an excuse
To find,
Like looking for
You smile
And frowning because
You can't find it,
Just be it,
I need to remind myself
I am
Competent at everything
I try.
Then I remember
There's no such thing,
Try is a thought of action
That dies from asphyxiation
And too many good people
Have died and been
Beaten not because
Bad people
Did bad things
But because
Good people
Tried to act
And were
Too cowardly
To follow through
To stop the brutality.

Are you paying

Are you acting with

Allow my struggle
To receive the light
Of who I am
Close your eyes
Step into the spirit space
Transpersonal oceanic love
And in that floating
Ether the insight
Floats into
My soul
Our soul
To be upset over what I don't have
Is to waste what I do have,
Light Blue lighting
And thunder
Striking all at once
I know
Anger is a gift!
For it is the jet fuel
Of action!

Clarity flows
My choices become crystaline
The universal intelligence
Stands behind all my endeavors
A star in your chest
Says all of this
Is inside of you.
Screams it!
Whispers it!
Slams it!

I will reduce
As much toxicity
As I can
Now that I know
The lies of
Those sweet
That try to
Make me sleep
In the blanket
Of all the thoughts
Of trying and
Being content
With changing

I trust that the waiting
Is necessary,
Like that seed
Beneath the soil
Being called
By the Sun.
It's Time to Pray
I receive my knowledge
In due time.
If there is no struggle
Then there is no progress.
Break that caterpillar
Out of her cocoon
Because you can't
Stand to see the struggle
And it will die,
We will die,
For struggle brings

My task is to do
The best I can
& that is enough.
I can let go of shame
Because there
Is none in learning
From life.

The study of truth
Is both easy
And difficult.
Because when we
Don't know
What to do
Just breathe.
Everyone can do
And yet we forget.
Difficult because
Letting our inner children
Fall and get hurt
Is how they learn
What love is
When they
Are encouraged
To get up

In the backgrounds
Of our lives
From the depths
Of our blood
And bones
Songs of Africa
Across languages,
And we find joy
After the storm
In our own hearts
Jump in the rain puddles,
And rediscover that
Imagination is more important
Than knowledge
All suffering feels good
Because we have the privilege
To even feel it…
Which is why
This is heaven.
I have remembered
I am free to play
& create
Without guilt.
I am safe.
So whether it is a gun
Pointed at my head
Or my head in the lion's mouth
It will teach me
How to forget fear,
Because I made
The choice
To Live like a lion
Rather than
Die like sheep.

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