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Unexpected LAFS

True Beauty to me is like
A pair of breasts partially revealed
No matter how much I resist
I can't help but be drawn to its appeal...

April Showers, May Flowers
Out of nowhere, out of the blue
I got a pain in my chest; couldn't breathe
As I fell, people began to gather
No one realized I'm pointing at her
The one who'd turn out to be my hero

Let's rewind just a bit
She came through, needed some assistance
All it took was that one glimpse
Unaware of what was about to hit
They say “History Begins with a Wish”
And I was no different

Though I resisted with all my might
My new favorite colors are red and green
When I gazed into Emerald City
I experienced unexpected LAFS
Nervous cause she sure was pretty
Forgot my camera, so all I have are mental photographs

If she were any more beautiful
She'd be a legend, a myth
I'd tell people about this girl
And to believe they'd journey on a ship
Like the one that hit the Rock of Plymouth
Traveling to a whole New World

Now LAFS is good for the soul
It lets you know it's real
It's something so rare; so pure
So out of your control
Randomness is just its nature
A creature with godly features

As I gather myself
I swear she stashes her halo
Somehow my heartbeat will never be quite right
Hypnotizing me with her emeralds
If you read FHTP, what I'm talking about you'd know…
Krazy this thing called Love At First Sight

¥☼MOI☼¥  21 Apr 11

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