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  Jarasel Bladesong

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 One Week

They cried Hosannah as he entered this holy place;
One short week later they spat into his face.
With glad cries of welcome they spread palm fronds before his mount;
One week later he was scourged beyond count.

He was their Lord and King they did loudly proclaim;
Seven days later he was the target of all blame.
From their own laws and holy writings he expounded;
One week later into his flesh the spikes were pounded.

By his own people accused, his own disciples fled;
Innocent of all wrong, yet he was the one who bled.
In one short week he went from worshipped to despised;
Yet he spoke only truth, they were the ones who lied.

One week he was praised and adored, his name lifted high.
The people thronged around him, grateful he was nigh.
The next week he was mocked and ridiculed, a figure of scorn.
His body was beaten and battered, on his head a crown of thorns.

In one short week, what a transformation was wrought!
In just one week, from highest high to lowest low he was brought.
They surrounded him with violence, a howling murderous gang;
His trial a mockery of justice, left on a cross to hang.

An innocent man was murdered, his message of hope to slay.
The Son of God was sacrificed, that dark and dismal day.
Yet what they sought to stamp out, uproot and kill;
Instead was magnified, for it was our Father's will.

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