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Human Relations

The boss is in his office
and boy isn't he mean,
a short fat big gutted
misery making machine.
I reckon he's got problems
at home with his wife
the way every morning
he messes with my life.
He's supposed to raise moral
but the way her stomps around
he's driven any good spirits
way down into the ground.
You can see all the guys
with barely concealed hate
wincing with relief as he picks
his daily victim to humiliate.
He's a little tyrant and oh lord
just to have him there
for a refreshing five minutes
working on a drill square.
But the recession is on,
little chance of another job
so we all stand and squirm
while he shoots off his gob.
Just last month we all got
a company mobile phone
so even out of the depot
he won't leave us alone.
I'm stood there imagining
the pain in his eyes
if I went and drove my knee
right up between his thighs.
At last he's stopped ranting;
we're only twenty minutes late
as we walk to the vans
and drive out of the gate.
In just twenty four hours
we'll be back here and then
the whole miserable process
will start up again.
We'll all stand there
wanting to be away
each one thinking please
don't pick on me today.

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Human Relations