The soul has much to say

King...of kings


Having my flesh, shredded
The beard upon my face, ripped away
Dusty winds, ravaging exposed muscle
My skull, speared, with thorns
Absorbing, countless punches, from all directions

I know not of these things, but I deserve to

He speaks to the lost, "I'll take your place"

Yet, throughout such cruelty, He said...nothing


Coarse spikes, tearing through my feet
Every nerve ending, on fire
Breathing, feels like death
Being laughed, to scorn
My clothes, gambled away

I know not of these things, but I deserve to

He speaks to the world, "I'll bear your sin"

Wearing the cloak of my shame, even the Father...looks away


The cry of defeat, within satans' voice
Shouts of joy, from Heavens' realm
Death, hell and the grave, bow, at His departure
Salvation has been born...again
Behold, the revelation of Jesus Christ

I know of these things, but I don't deserve to

He speaks to mankind, "Come unto Me"

By His shed blood, I'm His...forever


Instructions to further, His kingdom
Assurance of His coming, again
Arrival of the Holy Spirit
The character of God, now, dwells within
Once more, He sits, at the Fathers' right hand

I know of these things, because His Word is true

He whispers to me at night, "Abide in Me" everyday

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King...of kings

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