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A Charming Edge

To R.J. aka Edge
"A Charming Edge"

Thank you,
For everything you've done for me.
For showing your care through poetry.
For sticking up for me.

For being the brother I never got.
To do thing for me that others would not.

So many people will give their selves this name
But then they act like our friendship's just a game.

When guys are jerks, you stick up for me.
You stand up and show them how they need to be.

You take my invisible self, and teach me to fly.
You take my hurt and show me a better life.

You take words that are sweet and genuin,
You splash them on a canvas and begin to share them.

Instead of ink, with a sword you begin to write,
You are my friend; an truely honorable knight.

~DaYnA e.3/21/03

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A Charming Edge