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 Former Employer Visit

On April 15th, I went down to my former employer
Dropping off new Cobra insurance papers to HR
It felt a little awkward, even with tears in my eyes
But I sensed support, with hugs from some ladies

While there, as I visited with a lady salesperson
God gave me insight on management's decision
I heard about struggles faced in securing job bids
Now I realized I was not let go from wrong I did

In my heart, I pray builder's market will turn around
Now employees are not sure if their job is still sound
It is never easy to make the tough choice to cut back
I trust things improve and new business gets on track

My former supervisor sent me a surprise email Saturday
Thanks for my poems and also for happy Easter Sunday
I had distributed the last three writes about my job search
Freedom given there, careful now not to reveal too much

I sent a reply expressing thoughts above on their situation
Also to share my news regarding a temp to hire position
Yes, I received a call from my job agency last Thursday
Phone screen interview is set for 1:00 CST today-Monday

Carol S. 4/23/11

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