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Penny Whistle Harmony

Music from a Penny Whistle floated
the nearly empty Sunday city square
whispering in the ears and minds
of the few people wandering there.

It was like an Irish jig, a waltz,
a march, a song, a caressing word,
all things to all men depending on
the ear in which it was heard.

It was sunshine in the heart
the end of a summer walk,
it made people smile and
made them want to talk.

So stranger spoke to stranger
drawn along by its tune.

For a while there was harmony
which ended all too soon.

People looked dazed as
the last notes faded away,
looked at other strangers
with nothing left to say.

And slowly the square cleared
as folk left one by one
for without that penny whistle
the harmony was dead and gone.

The Penny Whistle player
watching from its hidden place
gave a little wistful smile and
disappeared back into space.

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Penny Whistle Harmony