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Letter to Mama...


Remember, the Kiwanis Little League?
You worked the food stand, near left field
I tried my best, to hit the ball that far,
so you'd know it was me

How about my 8th birthday?
You made my favorite meal, on a rainy Sunday you did, for my 30th
I won't forget the day, you turned 26
You looked so pretty in that dress, going out for dinner

Those days, when Kim was a baby
Watching you carry her around, I missed those days
....when you carried me
The night you brought our first pet, home
Your hugs, the afternoon, we said goodbye to Trixie

Your excitement, when Mr. Bussey came to town
The moment you asked me, about having a new dad
My reign as the "Man" coming to an
A new life for us...for you

I've always tried to make you and Pop, proud
It's my hope that I succeeded, more than I failed
When I was younger, I'd close my eyes real hard
and pray to God, whenever you'd cry
I figured the harder I closed them, the better He could hear me

Success, failure
Triumph, a broken heart
When these things come my way, I think of you
You taught me, how to handle it all

...and you still do, today

God says, we're to honor our parents
You're His hand, extended from Heaven
The beat of His heart, His love
I'm not the best son, in the world

...but I'm proud and blessed to be yours


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Letter to Mama...

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