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Haydn Aidan and Monica Reith
Made a pact to share false teeth
It saved arguing whose was whose
They did the same with pants and shoes
One lived by night and one by day
They made the change in a passageway
They shared a bed and to keep it neat
Each one had their own bed sheet
They only decided they would try it
To help each other keep to their diet
After fourteen years when both were thin
They started living apart again
Then Haydn Aidan and Monica Reith
Each went and bought their own false teeth
But for a while they didn’t rush
Each to buy their own tooth brush
Once a week they met in town
And brushed each other’s dentures down
Monica Reith and Haydn Aidan
Virgin man and blushing maiden
Neither of them ever saw
That the other may have wanted more
Those bestest of best best friends
Which is sadly where our story ends

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Haydn Aidan and Monica Reith