ameriKKKa's Most Hated Muslim Poet
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Shrouded in stab wounds,
Lead lodged in my face and head,
The only clue I'm still alive...
I'm feeling too much pain to be dead.
Calling on God ... calling on cops,
Just pleading for this terror and agony to stop,
With a thud to the floor I hear my body drop,
I am laying in a pool of my own blood,
Thirty-five years earlier, Joyce Williams
Became the first victim of your "lethal love,"
Permanently silenced,
Another victim of your violence.
You were free to walk because
She was never able to testify or talk.
I survived...
I pray on behalf of all your victims...
This time you get what you deserve.
God willing, this time justice will be served.

Devilish deed done,
Stranded in fog and living in a daze,
Memories of your evil ways,
Daytime flashbacks and night-time dreams,
Awaken by my own screams,
You personify all that is wicked and mean.
With willful intent and forethought
You stabbed and repeatedly shot,
Then left me for dead.
Forever, I must endure the heartache.
Scarred with physical and emotional pain,
Cannot restrain my resentment
Nor the reality that five of my children
Are cursed with your name.
Cannot pretend or deny... I have changed inside
And may never heal,
And you have the audacity to ask this court for a deal.
You are spiritually and criminally deranged.
A hopeless case who will never change.
I have some unwanted visitors that refuse to leave;
Anxiety, isolation, alienation and depression.
Stop denying guilt, make a confession.
Thanks to you lady killer my life will never be the same.
Intellectually there is no mystery...
Only a fool learns not from history.

I pray this time Justice not be blind or lax
And this court finds you unredeemable
And sentence you to the max.

Habib Abu Lateef

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