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He silently stands guard during the night
As he peers out over the hostile terrain
Watching for his enemies who are waiting

Lurking about behind the jungle plants
Observing his movements and his habits
Looking for an opportunity to sneak by

They are what we called the VC sappers
Stripped down to just a mere loin cloth
On their backs were an explosive satchel

Their job was to sneak through our lines
Bypassing the sentries by crawling slowly
Their mission was to blow up our aircraft  

They'd try to reach the fuel storage tanks
Others tried to blow up the ammo bunkers
It was extremely rare for them to make it

With our K-9 dog teams and roving patrols
The VC became the ones who were the targets
For enemy sappers it was a suicide mission

Terry Sasek - Alwaysawarrior - all rights reserved.

During the entire length of the Vietnam War, there
were some rare times where a few sappers got past
the perimeter of a few bases, but they were killed
during their attempts to get to their targets. Also
during this same time period, no air base that was
guarded by U.S. Air Force Security Police units was
ever overrun by any mass attacks that were launched
against them by the VC or North Vietnamese troops.


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