The soul has much to say



Blessed vortex
Enlightenments' grip
Personal revelation
Flickering light bulb, no more, I can see

Internal comfort
Body, mind, soul
That place, only God knows of
Sweet directive of feeling, not emotion

...big difference

Renaissance man?
Next step of my evolution?
The sensual beast, who tears you apart
The lover of your soul, keeper of your prayers

I promise, this...will never change

My Lord, my Captain has me at sea
Sailing for parts, unknown
Every port, built by His hands
I'm just along, for the ride

...trusting His golden compass

Ripping Excalibur, from the stone
Drinking, from the Holy Grail
Slaying, my inner demons
Purpose, supersedes, accomplishment

...and I know mine

Behold my inner, sanctum
Pattern of persistence
My words...heart...kiss
Cut, from the same cloth

The giving, of my all

Life craves, resurrections' touch
Something stirs, within
I want to hold you
My destiny, my love


The impossible, has my attention
A miracle, in transit
Gods' checks and balances
I'm ready

...I'm ready

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