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he sits alone in his chair
often with a smile
his face creased in a grin
every once in a while
for he'd filed ever kiss
every hug and caress
and the passage of time didn't
make him enjoy them any less

his first girl friend's half
embarrassed little sigh
as he only half intentionally
brushed against her thigh
the much older woman
who took a man self styled
and very soon showed him
he was sexually still a child
the long term partner
who joined his life next
when he learned the difference
between making love and  sex
the much younger girl
experienced and free
who just wanted to play
with a man as old as he
oh the ladies of his life
starting really as a boy
every single one a gift
who'd made it all a joy

life had carried on and
in his old age been kind
for nothing had occurred
to blur his clarity of mind
so he could sit there
and with total recall
pay respectful homage to
those ladies one and all

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