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 Twins of the Soul

Occasionally in this life, if I have the eyes to see;
A special person will passes my way, almost undetected.
Quietly crossing my path without fanfare or pomp;
With kindness and gentleness; the sweet presence of life.
My senses alert me to your presence, so primal, so right;
Connecting instantly under the surface; twins of the soul.

Coincidence, no I don't believe that this is the case;
Instead, I praise Destiny which arranged this meeting.
Chance and circumstance, random chaos without design;
Not in a million years do I believe that, not in a billion years.
Two souls destined to become friends, participants in this life;
A continuation from another time; twins of the soul.

The longer I know you, I see that you have been known long;
From deep within my heart, I hear your echo from the past.
We have danced time and time again; yes, we have danced;
Your heartbeat resonates and coincides with mine once again.
This is the unification of our friendship from another time plane;
Honoring the light within you, my friend; twins of the soul.

Our affinity for the forest draws us back to that somewhere time;
When our hungry souls devoured very drop of the nectar of joy.
Back to that distance land of shadows, dancing in our memories;
Somewhere on the periphery of our vision, but real none the less.
To a time when our friendship was established, we run together;
Life after life, timeless, paced; recognizing we are twins of the soul.


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